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Research Paper Writing Guide

Research paper writing helps one to develop effective writing skills. Research paper writing requires one to have organizational, writing and also critical thinking skills. Research paper is formatted using different writing styles. APA, MLA, Turban and Harvard are some of the citation styles used in research paper formatting. For instance in MLA research paper white paper with 8 by 12inches where Times Romans font with font size of 12 is used. The whole text is double spaced and numbered consecutively. Thorough research is carried out in order to gather information when writing research paper. Research paper should be free of any grammatical errors and sentences should be well formatted. When writing research paper it is necessary to stay focused on the topic always. The first line of every paragraph in research paper should be indented. Use past tense when describing specific results and present tense is only used when reporting well accepted facts. Research paper contains the following elements; title page, abstract, introduction, methodology, results, discussion, conclusion and recommendation and reference page.

Title page

Title page contains the author’s name, supervisor’s name, name of institution, course name, date of submission and name of department.


Abstract contain summary of the whole paper and it is normally written after completing writing whole research paper. Abstract should be precise since it is the part which gives a reader motivation of reading rest of research paper. Abstract should be summarized into one paragraph. Note that abstract is always written in past tense.


Introduction part equips a reader gives a reader a hint of what the whole paper entails. State thesis statement of your research paper in introduction part and also mention your main objective. Outline main reason which has led you to state thesis statement and briefly explain experimental designs used in accomplishing the objectives. Past tense is normally used in introduction part when referring to established facts.


Methodology part of research paper describes various methods which were used in data collection. Procedures which were involved are clearly outlined.

Results and discussion

Results which were obtained during survey is stated and discussed in length.

Conclusion and recommendation

Conclusion sums up all points in research paper. Recommendation contains the writer’s view on methods which would be applied in order to solve a particular problem which led to carrying out of research.


This page contains list of sources where information was gathered.

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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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