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How to write a master thesis

Students should first realize that a master thesis will help one in earning a reliable master degree. They should therefore be keen and practice patience. Even though writing formats differ, there still exist similar ones. However, to ensure you submit a unique master thesis the following steps should be adhered to:

Choosing a topic

Students should first analyze information they have about a particular topic before they choose it. This will create familiarity and therefore will be an easy task for them. They should then set the objectives for the topic as a project. In addition, they should break down the project in small topics that will ensure each area is well researched for.

Title page

When writing the title page students should realize that each institution expects inclusion of certain information in it. Students should therefore be conversant with whichever title page expected. Evidence has shown that various institutions prefer the title page to have the author’s name, title and date.


One must summarize briefly the project. This can be broken down into small subheadings that will highlight the list of your objectives, state the hypothesis, state the limitation encountered when researching for your project.

Literature review

This should be included keeping in mind that expert examiners are marking your master thesis. Therefore students should avoid individual creativity and include evident information. This will however create minimal room for questions in the examiners mind.

Table of Contents

One should ensure to include each subheading in the master thesis alongside a numerical value. This will portray to the reader that your work is well organized. In addition, the examiner will not have to strain searching for the subheading of various title included.


Students should ensure they note down every research they do. This is helpful because they will not have to struggle when stating data collection methods. One should state the methods used to analyze data obtained so that it can be evident to the examiner your research is reliable. If your master thesis is about science, then sample, sampling procedure, and experiments performed in the lab should be inserted.


This forms the foundation of your master thesis. One is expected to state a topic sentence to introduce new ideas and support the sentences using examples. This part should be detailed containing each objective, cause, and effects of your project.

Results and References

Results should be from what you did and not what others did. You should use the first person singular to state the results of your project. References should be well written in the final paper of your master thesis.


Students research and obtain information that is not applicable in the main body. Therefore they should not discard this information but should place it in the appendices.


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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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