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How to Write a Lab Report

Lab report writing is a stressing exam paper that requires reliable experiments that will ensure you acquire useful data. Therefore students should be keen when carrying out an experiment and note down every thing they do to obtain certain results. Lab report writing just like any other exam paper has to follow a certain writing style. Even though, each school faculty produces its own writing style to students, there are standard writing style including:

Title page

This section depends with the instructor because not all lab reports require a title page. However, students should include the following title of the experiment, your name and the names of your lab partners, your instructor’s name, and the date the report was submitted.


This section should have a title that is capitalized. In addition, it should not exceed 15 words and should contain keywords to earn you extra marks. Students should describe the main point of their experiment / investigation.


Students should write a brief introduction that introduces the topic. Additionally, it should state the hypothesis and list the objectives of your experiment.


In this section students should list down all the apparatus they used for the experiment/investigation.


This section should have the procedure of the experiment you did. Describe the experiment to the reader as if someone was giving you the instruction. Let it be unique by adding diagrammatic representation to show exactly what you did.


Describe to the reader the numerical values you used in your experiment. This serves as evidence that you did some calculations in your lab report.


State the results of the data you obtained in your experiment.

Discussion and Analysis

Discuss the data you obtained after you did the experiment. Analyze the data obtained in numerical value.


In this section, students should sum up the data obtained and state the hypothesis even if it was rejected.

Figures and Graphs

Students should ensure they include graphs that are well drawn and label the x and y axis appropriately. The diagrams should be based on the experiment and give reliable information about the experiment.


If students derived their experiments from someone else’s work, then they should state it.

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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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