Doctoral Dissertation Writing Guide

A doctoral dissertation is a scholarly document that is done by students in the highest level of a degree program. A doctoral dissertation is demanding because it requires maximum time for research. Most doctorate students fail in their doctoral degree because they have many issues to attend to and fail to allocate maximum time for research, data collection and data analysis. To address this shortcoming, has put together a team of PhD Writers who are ready to work close with you till you complete you Doctoral dissertation. Our Dissertation Writers are ready to put their professionalism into practice to give you Original non-plagiarized dissertation that will be readily accepted by your faculty. Our range of doctoral writing services includes:

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Doctoral dissertation literature review – We carry extensive literature review using current and reliable sources. Our dissertation writers have access to online libraries which enable them to give you quality literature review. We use current sources not older than 5 years.

Doctoral Methodology Chapter – We liaise with to choose the best methodology for your dissertation. We do not choose a methodology you will not be able to implement. This chapter is written with your assistance and collaboration

Doctoral dissertation results chapter – We collect data (if you have not collected), analyze it and present is in figures, tables, graphs and others data presentations tools. We use SPSS to analyze your quantitative data. You can collect your data and we analyze it for you

Doctoral dissertation discussion, conclusion, & Recommendations chapter – We will discuss your own data or collect, analyze and discuss our own data. We tie data analysis and results to literature review and research question. We prove or disapprove your hypothesis.

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How to Write A Doctoral Dissertation

Doctoral dissertation is an important document that contains the highest academic achievement of a student. It appears to be one hard document which requires effective data research and analysis. Therefore, students should create enough time for research. There are various steps followed when writing a doctoral dissertation. However, these steps depend on the each school’s department. These steps include:

How to prepare a doctoral dissertation

First of all, students should wisely choose a topic for their doctoral dissertation. Whenever students are unable to choose a topic they should seek assistance from dissertation advisors. Dissertation proposal is the first phase of a doctoral dissertation. To ensure students prepare a good dissertation proposal, they should ask for assistance from their supervisor. This will help them in having a clear description of what entails in a dissertation proposal.

Title page

Students should include title of the dissertation, author’s name, author’s school, running head, date, and page number.


This is a summary of what the reader can expect in your doctoral dissertation. However, students should not include references. The words should range from 150-300.

Table of contents

Students should ensure they neatly list down the contents in their doctoral dissertation.

List of figures and tables

Students should include figures and tables that support their research.


One should first introduce the topic/ subject/ project, followed by the hypothesis, highlighting the scope of study, listing the objectives and finally stating the limitation of their project/topic/subject. In addition, students should ensure they include brief and clear sentences.

Literature review

Students should briefly state and describe to the reader the source of their research be it in published materials/documentaries/past papers on doctoral dissertation. However, they should avoid detailed information and clearly describe their review.


Doctoral dissertation is a document that requires different methods to achieve the expected information. Therefore, students should first identify data collection tools, data collection methods and data analysis procedure. In addition, they should state the sample they used for their dissertation, and finally state the sampling procedure. Students should ensure they summarize this part to 150-300 words.


In whichever information a student gathers there is always a result which is either positive or negative. Therefore, the results that appear in the doctoral dissertation depend on the topic the student researched on. However, each result should be accompanied by a discussion illustrating what measures one took to obtain it.


This is the main body of a doctoral dissertation therefore students should include proper citation of tenses, topic sentences in each idea they portray, and grammatically correct sentences.

Conclusion and recommendations

Concluding a doctoral dissertation will only require you to summarize the main ideas discussed in the content. The recommendations should be used to describe what you noticed after your research and the measures one can take.


This is a brief description of your research. Students should cite accurately the source of their research.


Students are permitted to add any information that is not included in the main body. However, this information should be reliable and can persuade the examiner.


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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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