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How to Write A Book Report

A book report should contain one’s own ideas derived from the author of the book. Students should avoid repetition of direct ideas derived from the book they read. In addition, they should frame the same idea in a different form. The writing format of a book report is different in every institution. Therefore students should be conversant with their school’s writing style. This however, depends on the question asked. Additionally, book report questions include the theme portrayed, character traits, the plot, and dialogue.

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What Entails Writing a Plot Summary

When plotting the summary, students should first draft down the main issues discussed by the author in the book. Secondly, one should analyze the issue portrayed and create a description that is similar to the author’s but in different words. Thirdly, one should draft a rough copy from the ideas obtained and finally create a reliable original copy. Students should ensure that they do not retell the story but use the issues addressed to come up with an interesting summary of the entire issue.

How to Write a Theme

The theme portrayed by the author is not clearly portrayed and therefore students have to read and understand the issue being discussed. Students should establish the theme as portrayed by the author. In addition, they should ensure they back up the theme with examples from the book. Students should ensure they talk more about the example they included and create a direct connection between the theme and the example

How to Describe the Character Traits

When describing the character trait of a certain character, one should analyze all possible information directing to the character. This includes the mode of dressing, the language each character uses, and how other characters view him/her. Students should also derive character traits from dialogues appearing in the book. Finally, students should tie up all the information they acquired and create a clear description of a certain character.

How to Frame A Dialogue

Dialogue is a direct conversation portrayed by the author. Lecturers may decide to derive a question from a certain conversation and expect you to discuss it basing you answer on it. Before discussing the main issue arising, students should first pick up ideas in the dialogue and then draft the main points that will form the foundation of their discussion.


Students should ensure they summarize their ideas in a positive manner. However, they should clearly state their opinions and avoid including new ideas.  


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“….Carrying out research for my dissertation was very cumbersome. But you made it for me. You’re such a wonderful people to work with. Thanks a lot for your assistance”

David, Virginia

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